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Return Perks – Hyper Return

After few years, Ragnarok X : Next Generation finally rebranding itself as Hyper Return. Marking the new journey for the game itself by doing some pretty big updates like One-Punch Man Collaboration events, New Class : Ninja, and the opening of new Main Region: Hyper Return with two new server, Hero Association and Monster Association. Specifically to attract those old player to come back playing, let’s break down the Hyper Return event:


Not only opening new Region with new servers, the game also have event for player who returns.

Unlocking Conditions

When the event begins, any server that have readched World Level 100 above are eligible to unlock the Hyper Return event.

Return Character Event Unlocking Conditions :

  • Character are Lv.25 or above
  • Any character that meet the requirement counted as Returning Adventurers.
  • All the cooldowns of returnee account character in Hyper Returns event will be reset on December 12 at 5.00
  1. Event Unlocking for Existing & New Characters :
  • Character with a level 25 and at least 30 levels below the World Level are eligible to participate in the events.
  • Each account can only have one character participate in Hyper Return. Once a character has triggered the event, other characters in the same account are not eligible to participate in the events for existing & new characters.

A Travel Companion Reward

  • Becoming friend with Hyper Player (returnee) and exchanging gift daily to increase your Favor, you can earn great amount of Novice Coins
  • If you and a Hyper Player are members on the same guild, the guild’s warehouse will receive 5,000 Novice Coin every time they complete each Guild Orders. The daily limit is 200,000 Novice Coins.
  • If the Hyper Player became your apprentice, you will get extra Novice Coins when the Hyper Player complete their daily quests.
  • IF you help the Hyper Player doing following event:
  • Daily Instance
  • KvM
  • GvG
  • MVP Hunt
  • Eternal Tower
  • Helping burn Odin
    you will get A Travel Companion Pack.

Guide the Hyper Players and exchange for the following rewards:
= Refinement Level Voucher (+6) x10
= Refinement Level Voucher (+8) x6
= Card Selection Pack
= Mount Selection Pack

Return Level Boost

Boost your level up to 80 and get Hyper Return rewards, including the Job Advancement Manual/Upgrade/Refinement/Enchantment Materials, and all the good stuff to help you catch up!

Supercharged Buff

During the Hyper Return event, returning Adventurers will be empowered by the Supercharged Buffs, allowing them to effortlessly deal with monsters and assisting them to catch up with the current version!

Return Perk – Return to Get Diamond Refunds

Any diamond recharged in the past on your account will be refunded and deposited directly to your character on the new server!


New Region Available

New Region: Hyper Return
New Server: Hero Association + Monster Association
Launch Date: December 12
Diamond Refunds & Collection Rules:
Participation Time: 10:00 12th December 2023 – 05:00 19th December 2023
Diamond Collection Deadline: 23th January 2024 04:49

For adventurers who meet the event requirements, if they recharged 10,000,000 Diamonds in the past, their refunds would be:
500,000 + 2,250,000 + (10,000,000 – 5,000,000) x 10% = 3,250,000.
This amount will become available for claiming in the installments based on the collection rate for each date.

Refund Conditions

As of 11th December 2023, 23:59, the account hasn’t been logged in for more than 30 days and has a recharge record in the past.

Use the same account to creat a new character on the new server Hyper Return between 12th December and 19th December, 04:59 and the character’s Base Level reaches Lv.30 before 19th December, 04.59.

Characters will start off their Day 1 as soon as they meet the above requirements, allowing them to claim the first-day Diamond rewards. They can also claim the corresponding Diamond reward for the subsequent days.

  • Only 1 character per account on the new server can join this event. It can’t be changed once it is confirmed.
  • The recharge data from the past may vary due to different stores/official website platform/currencies and other factors at different times. The total Diamond amount displayed in the game’s events might have slight differences, and everything will be based on the in-game system data.
  • The refunded Diamonds are to be claimed in installments, with a maximum limit of 7,250,000.
  • Accounts participating in the event cannont rebind/unbind by any means within 2 months.

Diamond Refund Calculation

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