Ninja Class Revealed!

Upcoming Class Revealed : The Ninja

Few month ago, we got new class on the game; GunslingerMany people are excited to play the new class as they bring new mechanic that offer different gameplay than the other class available. Then, four month after Gunslinger released, the developer suprises us again with additional job that bring even more hype to the game, especially those older-classic RO fans out there. On 12th December 2023, Ragnarok X : Next Generation going to release the class that i think way more cool than the other class, Ninja.

Ninja Gender Lock System

Just like Bard and Dancer path, Ninja is the class that inherit gender lock system. The difference is, only the skills that locked behind the gender. Meanwhile we can still use all the weapon provided for the Ninja class. Also, their gender lock class make the build is pretty obvious already. The male Ninja have mostly all the P.Atk skills, while the female Ninja are blessed with M.Atk type skills.


Ninja Skills

I bet everyone can’t wait for the update to play the most-cool new class in Ragnarok X : Next Generation. The Ragnarok X : Next Generation have very big community that always seek updates or any information from the Taiwan server, since the Ninja class already released on Taiwan server. But for any of us that cannot use or read mandarin, we can’t even know what the effect of the skills.  You can check the complete list of the skills here.

Gold Weapon Skills

Are you done deciding which type you want to play? Both of the weapon : Ninja Sword and Shuriken / Huuma Shuriken have their unique traits. But since the class already released early on Taiwan server, we already get the info that Ninja Sword main stats are P. Atk and Haste. Meanwhile the Huuma Shuriken will be M. Atk and Haste. Pretty much similar to our little Thief weapon; Dagger. Too bad that the developer decided to make the whole new set of weapon even the stats are actually just two pieces of dagger combined into two-handed weapon. The info about their gold weapon can you access here.

Shadow Equipment

The most troublesome process is to unlock the Shadow Equipment. This process will take you week – maybe a month to complete depends on how diligent you are. But the developer already reduced the requirement to unlock shadow equipment compared to when the early released. But you still need help from another player to complete this one because one of the requirement are joining the in-game event : Guild KvM. Not only you need to participate on the event, you also need to win numerous time to unlock the shadow equipment. Without further ado, this is the shadow equipment skills for Ninja.


Ninja is the newest PEN type class in Ragnarok X : Next Generation. From the skills preview from the community, the class is promising one since we already know PEN build is still the best build out here far from the Crit build. Few streamers from Taiwan server already trying to build the class. Even one of the famous whale on Taiwan Server already switch job to Ninja and preview the class on his youtube, proven that everyone is hyped from this upcoming Ninja class.

My Opinion

I can’t wait to try this class, even i already prepared for the new class on my old server, i quit my Rainbow Paradise account then coming back to my old server Dungeon Throne just to play the new class. So are you going to try the new most anticipated class? Which one are you going to build? Ninja Sword P. Atk PEN build or Huuma Shuriken M. ATK PEN build?

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